• 7. 7. 2016

    22nd Annual General Meeting of Krka, d. d., Novo mesto

    Krka, tovarna zdravil, d. d., Novo mesto held its 22nd Annual General Meeting today in Hotel Šport in Otočec, Slovenia. Shareholders were acquainted with the Management Board annual report for the business year 2015, including remuneration of the Management Board (MB) and Supervisory Board (SB), the auditor's report, and the report of the SB on its verification and approval of the 2015 annual report.

  • 1. 6. 2016

    Krka Awards - celebrating Krka employees

    The traditional Krka Awards Day again confirmed that Krka employees all around the world are brought together by a common mission and values regardless of the language that they speak. Also this year Krka awarded all those who have contributed to the company's achievements with their loyalty, enthusiasm, hard work and innovation, thereby achieving a personal and creative success.

  • 12. 5. 2016

    Krka presented its operating results for the first quarter of 2016

    The Krka Group sold €300.9 million (4% growth) worth of products and services in the reported period, resulting in €40.2 million of net profit. The Krka Company sold €263.4 million worth of products and generated €32.8 million of net profit.

  • 13. 4. 2016

    Krka's volunteers once again showed they are good-hearted and human

    Krka employees participated in the 5th socially responsible campaign Krka's Week of Charity and Volunteering under the slogan Charity Is Also a Part of Us between 4 and 10 April. 1361 Krka employees participated in the event this year, which is 25% of all the employees in Slovenia. Some employees of companies and representative offices abroad also participated.

  • 4. 3. 2016

    Krka’s business performance in 2015

    The Management Board of Krka, d. d. held a press conference, presenting to the public the unaudited performance results of the Krka Group and the Krka Company for 2015. President of the Management Board Jože Colarič told the press that the Group had sold EUR 1,164.6 million worth of products and services in the reported period. Sales growth in terms of volume was 3.3%. The highest sales growth (EUR 55 million, up 22%) was recorded in Region West Europe. Unaudited Group net profit totalled EUR 158.2 million. Krka Company sales totalled EUR 1,086.5 million and led to an unaudited net profit of EUR 146.3 million.